Our tailored approach

Understanding your needs

Security that's tailored-made to fit. Perfectly.

Every client is unique

Our consulting service recognises that every client is unique and has differing concerns when it comes to their security. Every solution we develop is individually crafted to the last detail so that it meets the client’s needs.

Clearly defining client needs

We bring a meticulous, progressive approach, that starts by working with the client to clearly define their needs. As part of this process we establish their existing security provision and determine what they wish to achieve in the long term.

A true understanding

With a true understanding of the client we can adapt their risk management to respond to changes in the situation and as technology moves forward. We believe in creating a long-term, strategic approach to security when looking at complex needs.

Technology and techniques

We pride ourselves on having acute industry insight and knowledge. Our clients are reassured that we will always use the latest strategies to meet their security and safety needs as technology and compliance requirements evolve.

Client collaboration

We provide a total security design solution, collaborating with client’s chosen team of architects, builders, interior designers and specialists to create the perfect solution to complement the unique project requirements.

Successful relationships

Building long-term relationships with our clients is one of the keys to our success. The relationships we create with our clients are based on trust and allow us to proactively advise them, offering long-lasting solutions.

We take a meticulous, step-by-step approach.

1. Listen

We meet with the client to discuss the full scope of the project, taking care to understand all needs and concerns.

2. Evaluate

The current security situation is reviewed and evaluated against the identified security, risk and safety requirements.

3. Design

A detailed security brief is created and, once agreed, the system is designed to answer all security needs.

4. Brief

We take the responsibility of briefing the contractors directly to ensure an effective implementation.

5. Monitor

We monitor the project to ensure it meets the brief and the exacting standards expected of the solution.

6. Review

For long-term effectiveness, we recommend regular strategic reviews to meet clients’ changing needs.

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